Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm sick! GROSS!!

alrighty, was SUPPOSED to be a nice 3 day weekend for me...I had such wonderful plans....relax, hang out with some friends, go to the movies, basically enjoy some R & R that I never get during my busy ass week...


My plans got ruined.

By some asshat evil cold germs....

I hate working for the public sometimes....

well, no that's not fair. 

I hate when the public brings their disease ridden, coughing, vomiting, sneezing, snot nosed little kids into my Park and expose me to their filth and plague. 

Leave the poor sick kids at home! 

My entire vacation got ruined because some kid sneezed and coughed in my face two days ago.

Yup. Totally pissed off.

I've drank enough orange juice, eaten enough soup and green tea to effectively cure one city block of Japan of SARS.

so that's like...what?  14,093 people, right?

What? Too soon?

too bad. I'm annoyed.

I've spent an entire three days in bed, coughing, hacking and stuffing tissue tampon rolls up my nose to prevent the dripping nose...


It won't STOP!  

WHY?!?! Why does it have to keep leaking snot everywhere?!


The only plus side?

I'm calling in sick tomorrow and I'm catching up on my movie watching........

Yay for Dark Knight and Ironman!

Nothing says movie night like superhero night!


Alrighty, I'm gonna go cough up a lung or my spleen...not sure which one yet.

Anyone got any good cold remedies? I'm all ears. 


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