Wednesday, August 19, 2009


so, it's Blizzcon week...

a huge gathering of nerds and geeks are about to converge in Anaheim, California....AND I'M GONNA BE THERE!!! YAY!!!

Hell yes I'm excited. Phillip and I are going to go hang out among all the other World of Warcraft players in the world and we get to be there. I'm over here geeking out like a idiot....I think it's cause I didn't get tickets to ComicCon this year and I'm suffering from lack of a nerd outlet....

I'm not writing my best post here, but I'm trying to go thru a checklist of what I currently need to bring with me.....Here's what I'm doing....

Granola bars?
I refuse to pay $4 for a damn cereal bar at the damn convention center.

Water? Vitamin Water?
yeah....not paying $7 for a BASIC LIFE GIVING FLUID.

Spare Shirt?
I've been to enough of these conventions to know this....someone will bump into you while holding their scalding hot pizza.  And I am not about to buy a t-shirt for 20$ to replace the one that's now covered in grease and cheese.

Hair gets in face....enough said.

Time between forums. Need to be entertained.

Broken in pair of walking tennis shoes.
Yup...not going to be on my feet from 7am to midnight wearing uncomfortable sneakers.

Book of some kind?
see ipod answer.

have mentally reviewed all geek/ nerd trivia to I can communicate with WoW hardcore geeks on a perso nto person basis without seeming like a total noob.
i think I explained it pretty well, there.

am I ready. Hell yes. I'm totally writing up a blog for it once its all said and done.

coming soon, a old repost of last year's blog from Blizzcon.  


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Are you going to try and spread a bunch of rumors about the WoW expansion that's coming out? Try to work in cyborgs. That should be funny.

Gauche said...


holy crap, I never thought to do that.....yay!! I have something new to do this year, other then play the beta. SWEET!!! I'm serious...I'm gonna start that.....thanks for the idea.

Taylor said...

Sounds like fun :) You should take pictures, I have no idea what these kinds of things are like. Hope you have an awesome time!!

Gauche said...

Taylor, I might be posting pictures soon, who knows?