Monday, August 3, 2009

Weird Animal Groupings....

    Congregation of Alligators
    Shrewdness of Apes
    Sleuth of Bears
    Obstinancy of Buffalo
    Exaltation of Larks
    Flutter of Butterflies
    Murder of Crows
    Wake of Buzzards
    Clowder of Cats
    Army of Caterpillars
    Peep of Chickens
    Intrusion of Cockroaches
    Convocation of Eagles
    Mob of Emus  (best mental image ever....)
    Business of Ferrets
    Leash of Foxes
    Unkindness of Ravens
    Crash of Rhinoceroses (umm...ow?)
    Wreck of Seabirds
    Prickle of Porcupines
    Pride of Lions
    Leap of Leopards
    Lounge of Lizards
    Cackle of Hyenas
    Bloat of Hippos
      Rhumba of Rattlesnakes
      Gaze of Raccoons
      Warren of Rabbits
      Coterie of Prairie Dogs
      Ostentation of Peacocks
      Pandemonium of Parrots
      Parliament of Owls
      Romp of Otters
      Smack of Jellyfish
      Barrel of Monkeys
      Tower of Giraffes
      Troop of Gorillas
      Cloud of Grasshoppers
      Kettle of Hawks
      Clutter of Spiders
      Mustering of Storks
      Ambush of Tigers
      Rafter of Turkeys
      Descent of Woodpeckers
      Wisdom of Wombats
    hope you enjoyed it. teehee....

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