Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meteor Shower last night...

So last night was the peak night for watching the Perseid Meteor Shower......for those of you who aren't weird nature nerds and had no idea...

It's still continuing tonight, and you can view these amazing trails of light in the sky between 10:30pm and 3:00am....I stayed up to a bit past Midnight last night and saw about 45 meteors race over the sky.  It was quite a show and the fact that there was no moon in the sky really helped the viewing. 

Now if you're a noobie meteor watcher, then here's a few tips...try to get away from the city lights if possible, and look to the North East.....the meteors are coming out of the direction of the Perseus constellation...(you know...the dude who killed Medusa in Greek mythology...)....and don't worry about binoculars. Enjoy the night sky and let your eyes adjust to the darkness before you expect to see anything.

Anyhow, this is not a funny blog really, just me hoping to encourage a few of you o be geeky too. Hope you find time to gaze at the stars tonight. 


Taylor said...

I'm a nature nerd too :)

Last year I stayed out until 5AM watching the meteor shower. My stepdad and I drove out to a random country road in the middle of the corn fields and just lied on top of the car. It was amazing.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I would add that, if you're going to watch meteors for any length of time, you should think about a blanket on the ground or a lounging chair. Craning your neck ever upward will just give you a stiff neck in the morning.

Gauche said...


oh yay! I'm not the only nature nerd! *has small happy moment*


Good point, I did that. And bug spray. lots of it. Evil bugs.